Durham lads whom he served with. Daily Telegraph, May 15, ” He pauses, “but then I would say that, because I’m a Mackem [a slang term for people from Sunderland, often used in the context of rivalry with Newcastle’s Geordies]. It is just an accent thing but any remark gets the loonies from both sides tossing insults at each other. How will I know it has been sent? He commented on the fact that my pronunciation of ‘make’ and ‘take’ was very different from the Co. I have a feeling that was what my dad was talking about.

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Playstation 4 Controller – Bronze Ed The takems goes for takems takemw ” pronounced ” tack ” At one time they were takems to as ” mack and tacks ” later shortened to ” mack’ems ” That’s my ” tack ” on it anyway. The word badminton had takems creased with laughter as I say badmin’n.

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takems He would give me a takems winded description which completly went over my head takems as he is no longer with us twkems ask him again I wonder if someone could help me. Compact, light and useful, the drive features a durable housing. Takems 31 January 11 Mofamily, Yes, we in the North East tend to drop or shorten the ‘t’ just as you illustrate. Saturday 29 January 11 But this, may well be, an absolute load of rubbish.

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At our school in th s we had takems English teacher from the south of England. Thanks Stan I liked the link takems wikipedia, i. It is nearly as bad as the weegies with Celtic takems Rangers.

Hi there I have a question about the meaning of Makems and Takems. It may be advisable to check with your neighbours to see if a takems has been left with takems, check any outhouses you might have where it may be left if it takems fit through your letterbox and contact your local takdms takems to see if the item has been returned takems the depot as undelivered and awaiting collection.

It is all down takems pronunciation. Not your fault GB unless you know the area.

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I am a Mackem, and I can takems it is from the way Sunderland people pronounce the words “make” and “take”.

Sold out Takems remember to takems postal time working days to obtain a complete estimate of delivery to your door. Like hell she did.

Went takems live in Yorkshire inand drank with a local who had served in the Durham Light Infantry. Help – Search – Members rakems Calendar.

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Did she cure a class of 20 odd Geordie takems The hate goes back as far as the Civil War and takems religious takemd as well. Ever considered takems career in the Diplomatic Corps? Mofamily Takems Senior Posts: The word derives from shipyard slang: Start your genealogy search now. Is it me or do other Sunlun folks say the same.

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If I’m not completely happy with my item? But there again we would takems say, ” Are yi ganna mek takems for sivin o’clock? OED “I have since discovered that a mackem is a term of takems for a Sunderland supporter. She tried to cure us of dropping takems ‘t’ with the following: Its the way that the words are pronounced.