Open the tray in OFF mode. Turn the knob to the ON position, not tape mode etc 4. Fingers crossed I dont have to do this too often. If I get an answer sooner than you I’ll let you know. Turned power on and couldn’t beleive it – it worked!! Next, I put the DC power back in, but it still did not work

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In addition, CAMremote has an integrated intervalometer which will trigger the camera automatically after a predefined time. Norwegic Thu, 17 Mar Thanks to all for sony dcr hc46e great ideas! I just pushed down gently while hitting the reset — didn’t force it or anything. Don’t bang or make your camcorder worst, just lower sony dcr hc46e motor and the error code goes away, might have to do it a few times.

Sony HDR-HC3 Tape Door Won’t Close with C Error Code

Now you clever people can you do anything about that volcano in Iceland so I can use the camera on holiday?????. Just neede put camera mode back on “off” and later put the powercable in and turned it on again and finally the its worked normally again. I was able to hc46w it, but I made the same mistake.

Sony dcr hc46e mi me funciono el metodo de sony dcr hc46e golpes, de hecho primero le di con la mano y no funciono pero despues perdi los estribos y le di conta el piso alfombrado y funciono jejeje. We only had the camcorder for about 2 months and did not even finish recording one tape, when this problem started.

Well, someone wanted to use a camera WITH a tape to record. The error message is now gone, I keep avoiding to open the cassete department with the camera off, still it often “disaligns” I guess so I tried Dave’s “hot wire” method about dcg sony dcr hc46e I got the tape to be recognized by the camera. Now the switch is working when I’m closing the door.

Can’t get a tape in and can’t close it!!! My tape door mechanism started to fail, it kept giving me reinsert tape messages.

Then I held my fingers crossed and pressed eject, and actually dct it go all the way. Thank you to Dave and Constantine, I feel some hope in sony dcr hc46e I can get the cassette to close and run it up and down, but the camera won’t seem to “reset”. Don’t do anything else, sony dcr hc46e are almost done! Critical update to solve radio receiver issue for customers who bought the Dcg with radio receiver between sony dcr hc46e of June It will create wireless bridge between CAMremote and camera so that remote control devices like hobby radios etc which are connected to CAMremote can control the camera.

SONY Camcorders — Download Drivers

The camera should now work fine apart from the door not sticking by itself which you now may have to hold manually for it to go downhowever if this hasn’t worked, read what I said above if you’ve skipped all of that and see what I did prior to that as sony dcr hc46e may have made a difference. Dave Tue, sony dcr hc46e Dec Thank sony dcr hc46e soooo much! Check specification of vcr sensor. Now the tape door latches, closes and slides into the body.

Any harder and I will surely break this thing, well, break it worse than it already is.

I was about to chuck it and this works! After that, it worked fine.

Have the camera plugged in and just leave it. I have sony dcr hc46e HC-7 with the error code sony dcr hc46e Lense that ur looking into – extend it back – see the silver screw – take it out This allows to take off the upper part of camcorder mine says x digital zoom Under it there are 2 more screws – take them out.

Camcorders SONY — Drivers

I have provided a link with the information to troubleshoot, if the C: I had sony dcr hc46e very same problem that started just today. Error message clears and the camcorder works as good as new. I have a sony handycam model number dcr-hc Be sure your camera have same connector as shown on image! I was getting the hc6e I had exactly the same problem, I took the sony dcr hc46e off, powered on, then pushed the reset button for 15 seconds.

I’ve tried hitting it, resetting it. Used to connect composite video signal to video downlink equipment.