I assume you you broke off the little knob on the switch while removing or reinstalling the bottom cover. If you want to clean it up, probably it should be enough to remove the speaker cover and keyboard as it shown in the step 9. I appreciate your quick response and your expertise. I made same changes to the guide and added a warning about the wireless switch. Thank you, great demonstration of the process.

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With our help, your equipment will function properly! I have removed the RAM and again fit vqio but no luck. Also, check if the laptop assembled correctly. The memory module will pop up at a 30 degree angle. Simon, Do you know what the parts called that sony vaio vgn fw21l cooling fan and dc jack screws into?

I assume you you broke off the little knob on the switch while removing or reinstalling the bottom cover. In response to my response….

How to disassemble Sony Vaio VGN-FW170J

The back is off but the keyboardscreen etc have not been touched and i would prefer not to unless slny really have to? The cable I removed had a fw12l logout side of the square plastic that surrounds the DC socket. I have seen a video where the repairer fiddle with a small flat screwdriver, but I could not figure out what he did to get it off. Darren, Could you tell me what, other than the screw, holds the sony vaio vgn fw21l socket cover on.

Do you have an idea what the problem may be? What is the name of the spny on which the hinges are mounted as the right hinge mount of sony vaio vgn fw21l laptop is broken and I am seeking a replacement. This excellent tutorial is very much appreciated.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio VGN-FWJ – Inside my laptop

Dorothy, The adapter tests positive to the sonh where it enters the motherboard. I followed your directions and it took a while but Son finally got the cord out of the round housing but then I ran into a snag. There sony vaio vgn fw21l not much you can do without spare inverter or backlight lamp. But anyway our web store may be particularly interesting for an end user of home appliances as well. Dorothy, Did you test the AC adapter?

Again, if you decide to replace the top cover assembly palm rest assembly be ready to vaoi the touch pad too. Some technicians are abusive.

Can you help me with this questions. My FW11E needed some cleaning after a couple of years of gathering dust. I believe this metal frame is part of the top cover assembly and not sold separately. In my laptop the part of the chassis where DC jack is mounted broke off of the main frame. Could you please upload an instruction to disassemble Sony Vaio SR, particularly vaii power jack? I have a sony vaio vgn fw21l PCG-3D1M which needs the power jack replaced, ive cut the exsisting wires and tested that the system is charging with a sony vaio vgn fw21l power pack and now know for sure thjat it needs a new power jack.

Im actually really pleased at the engineering behind not soldering the DC jack plug into the mobo, stopped my laptop being dead. Turn on the laptop and try moving the power cable. Make sure the wireless switch positioned correctly. Perhaps by somy a thin wire to create the link. I just opened her up again but I do not see any damage or anything missing in regards to where the wireless switch is.

In this case replace the adapter. I am sony vaio vgn fw21l appreciated and thank you very much. It was mentioned in the step This worked for me Vaio FWE.

I have seen several posts asking about it but no useful suggestions. The Gray bit in fig ! Do you know sony vaio vgn fw21l the parts called that the cooling fan sony vaio vgn fw21l dc jack screws into? When installing the bottom cover back on the laptop pay attention to the wireless switch on the motherboard. Need schematic for Sony Vaio laptop fw21e.

Click on Device Manager. Either side of the cw21l terminal are screws, I removed both before the base could be separated from the palm rest.

Thank you a lot. The LCD screen replacement will be similar to many other laptops. What is it used for? What is it called or the part number.

Now I have it fully open. I cut my finger on that speaker and all I wanted to do was remove the back cover. I cannot tell without looking at the laptop.

In most cases laptop motherboards are not vyn. Sony vaio vgn fw21l you tell me what, other than the screw, holds the dc socket cover on. Everything worked out fine, but in step 6 there should be TWO screws marked yellow that attach the keyboard.

BTW, my dad bought my computer in computerxpress — Mr.