Slowly remove it, as well. There are a couple more case screws you’ll want to remove. Once out, though, I found there are 4 more screws holding the very top of the keyboard that must be removed before you can take the old keyboard out. This instructable originally appeared on my website at Verbal Caricature. There was only one more connection and it was your typical 3 wire jack. Also be careful because you are removing your mouse pad and working around some sensitive areas. Opinions are not something to be critisized.

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You don’t want any potential problems and aside from your own body which you should’ve grounded the battery is the only energy source in your system well, okay there’s the small internal battery on the motherboard as well.

This sony vaio pcg-6r3l originally appeared on my website sony vaio pcg-6r3l Verbal Caricature. I’m not use to dismantling laptops but is it possible to do the exact same process up till step 4 to just push the button into place or do i need to do everything? Haunted Robotic Teddy Bear. Mine had four clamps. Thanks for sony vaio pcg-6r3l info. Also, if sohy does not come off relatively easily, you may have missed a screw.

Taking Apart a Sony Vaio Laptop

If you do this fast, you’ll likely break something. There should only be two or faio. I use it for movies and for work. Sony vaio pcg-6r3l this will sony vaio pcg-6r3l someone from making more dents and scratches on the laptop than is necessery.

Thanks, this was helpful. Steps worked for my vgn-nr series.

This unit was working great, but recently sony vaio pcg-6r3l quit tunring on. Thank you very much, it worked for my laptop also: Use your strong sny of choice.

With the help of various other tutorials on similar laptops, I was able to disassemble my Vaio with relative ease and fix the problem. It also resists dirt and fingerprints. I take it to school, work, home, pcf-6r3l. Did you make this project? If you do, there are easier and more entertaining ways see: This unit sony vaio pcg-6r3l not turn on.

How to replace keyboard on Sony Vaio VGN-C – Inside my laptop

However, I’ve added my fix for that problem just in case. You don’t want to ruin your laptop. Thanks – a great post. Take some time and figure it out. For example, I use my system every single day vigorously. It turns out the plastic pieces sony vaio pcg-6r3l together the jack on the inside broke and the jack wasn’t staying flush with the sony vaio pcg-6r3l any more.

With a laptop, you never want to tug and pull too hard as pieces are generally very small and hard to replace. If it was, let me know.

Also be careful because you are removing sony vaio pcg-6r3l mouse pad and working around some sensitive areas. Now you’re ready to take off the cover. What to push and in what direction to push?

Everything has a purpose and if sony vaio pcg-6r3l tug like a savage you will break something. I will go over these instructions in hopes that this maybe useful to someone else in the future.

It fell on the right rear corner where the power cord plugs in while the cord was plugged in. I think Dells are the best sony vaio pcg-6r3l I have a Dell Latitude and for normal laptops I probably would have killed it but this Sony vaio pcg-6r3l is very tough. Do this at your own risk. Again, the key here is not to be a Neanderthal. Taking Apart a Sony Vaio Laptop. Well thanks for this info with the good elaborating images i did remove my damaged keyboard but i cant find new one to replace where can i get pcgg-6r3l i am in kenya.