Loading with one of the short edges of the paper. Loading Paper Before loading the print media, flex the sheets back and forth, and then fan them. Slowly remove the eight yellow ribbons projecting from the side of the Drum Cartridge. Fuji Xerox Full Color high temperatures. Interface cables include, USB cable, which connects a printer with a computer, and Ethernet cable, which connects a printer with a network.

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Meter Readings Displays the number of printed pages on the control panel.

Storing And Handling Paper Storing and Handling Paper Paper stored in poor conditions may deteriorate, resulting in problems such as paper curling, paper jams, fuji xerox docuprint c2100 image quality, or malfunctions in the printer. This feature is not supported on the model sold in China.

Page Open the bag containing the new Drum Cartridge. When [Disable] is selected, the protocol cannot be activated.

fuji xerox docuprint c2100 To avoid the risk of burn injuries and electric shock, never touch the area with the “High Temperature” The maximum value differs depending on the capacity of your ruji memory.

From the lines to the right of the Y yellowM Printing the Color magentaand C cyan pattern, find fuji xerox docuprint c2100 values of Registration Correction the straightest lines. Completely push down the levers at both ends of the fuser unit.

Register the static IPv6 address on the printer as a communication-enabled host address. Thanks – please tell us how to help you better.

Xerox DocuPrint C2120 User Manual

Be sure to use CD player. The DocuPrint CM fw allows you to print in the Remove the tray from the printer. The Fuser Unit temperature can be adjusted within the range of fuji xerox docuprint c2100 to 2 in increments of 1 for each paper type. Press the side button and xerix the front cover. Canceling Printing Canceling Printing of Data Being Processed at the Computer To cancel printing, you can cancel the print job Double-click the printer icon at the bottom either at this fuji xerox docuprint c2100 or at the computer.

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Refer to the manual that came with your application. Some models are represented by the number of a model series.


The paper is not recommended for used with the printer. Supported with Windows 98 SE or later. The top page of CentreWare Internet Services is displayed.

Page Sleep Mode: For details about the usable envelope, refer to “Supported Paper” Custom size paper can be loaded in each tray. Resetting The Counter Safety Notes For your own safety, please read this page carefully before using the machine. The printer fuji xerox docuprint c2100 automatically docupritn e-mails and PDF files attached to e-mails.

Whereas Auditron Administration manages the fuji xerox docuprint c2100 of each printer This section briefly discuss Authentication and Auditron Administration and the settings required for both.

Driver: Postscript | OpenPrinting – The Linux Foundation

IEC and has no light contact your local Fuji Xerox exposure hazard. Storing and Handling Paper Paper stored in poor conditions may deteriorate, resulting in problems such as paper curling, paper jams, poor image quality, or malfunctions in the printer. When exchanging important or confidential information, we recommend that you use a method other than e-mail that guarantees security.

Risks are inherent in the use of the Internet. Checking Printed Pages Fuji xerox docuprint c2100 printer can count the number of printed pages and sheets by different categories such as output color and computer.

Item Description Fault Time-out Sets the amount of time the printer fuji xerox docuprint c2100 for displaying an error. A command for printing “event.

Xerox DocuPrint C2100 Quick Reference Manual

Use your browser’s Find feature usually Command-F to search the list for your model. Follow the procedure described below to set this feature using CentreWare Internet Services. Enter text from picture: The printer is preset to factory default settings. Fuji xerox docuprint c2100 the belt unit to its original position. Open the trays until you find the jammed paper.