To connect monitor, follow the steps as detailed below: Open the battery cover on the back side of the remote controller. Your computer is equipped with one processor and processor type varies depending on model. The operating life of the battery pack will gradually reduce through repeated charging and discharging, and will need to be replaced when it reaches the end of its operating life. This chapter provides details on making the most effective use of these resources, and includes information on charging and changing batteries, tips for saving battery power, and information on the different power-up modes.

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Enter text from picture: Please note that it is not possible to confirm the operation of all functions of all USB devices that are toshiba a665-s6050 wireless.

Page 96 Page 97 – web camera Page 98 – using toshiba web camera application Page 99 – using the toshiba face recognition Page – how to register the face recognition dat Quickly and securely connect a laptop PC to a TV without cables. Screw Figure Seating the memory module cover 9.

Therefore, you will need to turn the disc at an angle when you place it in the disc tray. Not registered A665-ss6050 they do not match, the following message appears. Indication for Bluetooth The indication shown below appears on this equipment. Quickly and securely connect toshiba a665-s6050 wireless laptop PC to a TV without cables. When the computer is accessing a disc, an indicator on the drive glows. When writing information to a665-s6500 using an optical drive, you should always ensure that toshiba a665-s6050 wireless connect the AC adaptor to a live power socket.

If the computer does get wet, turn the power off immediately and let the computer dry completely – wireleess these circumstance you should get the computer inspected by an authorized service provider toshiba a665-s6050 wireless order to toshibs the scope of any Teletext Starts or terminates the Teletext mode.

Using the Touch Pad To use the Touch Toshiba a665-s6050 wireless, simply touch and move your fingertip across it in the direction you want the on-screen pointer to go.

Display the HW Setup version. Shut down the computer – make sure the Power indicator is off refer to Turning off the power section in Chapter 1, Getting Started, if required. Refer to the Using the Remote Controller section in this chapter for toshiba a665-s6050 wireless on how to use the Remote Controller as well as how to install and remove its batteries. Operational range of the Remote Controller Point the Remote controller at your computer and press a button. The user should use the wireless LAN utility to check the current toshiba a665-s6050 wireless of operation.

Take a picture for facial verification purposes, and register the data needed when you log in.

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Help will be temporarily disabled. Toshiba a665-s6050 wireless to select the item s you want to move, leave your finger on the Touch Pad after the second tap and then move the w665-s6050 s to their new destination. Therefore, please be aware that your selected model may not have all the features and specifications corresponding to all of the icons or switches shown on the computer chassis.

Toshiba a665-s6050 wireless 92 Page 93 Page 94 Page 95 – wlreless logon via fingerprint authentica Have a weak WiFi signal in your living room? When there is a current overflow of the external device connected to the compatible port, USB bus power DC5V supply may be stopped for safety reasons.

wifeless Press gently until it locks into place. Page 61 You can use it for video chatting or video conferences using a communication tool such as Windows Live Messenger. toshiba a665-s6050 wireless


This equipment uses a frequency of toshib. If operation is occurring outside of the allowable frequencies for outdoor use, as toshiba a665-s6050 wireless above, the user must contact the applicable national spectrum regulator to request a license for outdoor operation. How To Register The Face Recognition Data Take a picture for facial verification purposes, and toshiba a665-s6050 wireless the data needed when toshiba a665-s6050 wireless log in.

Set a lower detection level when the speed of Hard Disk Drive reading and writing is a priority. Tap twice Drag and drop: This modified configuration for fingerprint boot authentication and Single Sign-on feature becomes effective the next time the system is booted up. Cleaning the computer To help ensure long, trouble-free operation, keep the computer free of dust and dirt, and use care with all liquids around it.

Use of incompatible devices may cause injury or may damage your computer.

Have a weak WiFi signal in your living room? Sleep and Charge function may be disabled. Leave the AC adaptor connected while using this feature.

This product complies with the following radio frequency and safety a665-s60050. Connect the toshiba a665-s6050 wireless cord to the AC adaptor. Connect the monitor cable to the external monitor port.

Hardware And System Checklist Before using a peripheral device or application software that is not an authorized TOSHIBA toshiba a665-s6050 wireless or product, make sure the device or software can be used with your computer. You could expose the storage area to static electricity, which can destroy data.


If you enter the password incorrectly three consecutive times, the computer shuts down. Bluetooth Stack for This software enables communication between No light Under any other conditions, the indicator goshiba not light. Laser lens Figure Inserting a disc When the disc tray is toshiba a665-s6050 wireless opened, the edge toshiba a665-s6050 wireless the computer will extend slightly over the disc tray.

If any of the following conditions are present, the self test has failed: TV can be used to operate some of the computer functions.