Never done anything with negative voltages, so wasn’t sure. Digital Water Marbling http: I guess a crude solution would be to modify the temperature-logger to also periodically write out the current temperature to a file e. Hi, I’m new here but not at all new to electronics. View 10sec video to understand given list. Forum thread is here. I also tweaked it to eliminate a redundant line, converted it to use BCM GPIO numbers and changed the wiring to make it logical for my chosen layout.

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Individually Control Shift Register Pins http: Do you know if a can show a python string in the segments? Automatic Home surveillance system using multiplexinv simple and cheap.

Solderless Breadboard Layout Sheets plug and play electronics using arduino. December 12, at 5: Working on the big one now. Turn Guitar Hero into an extreme sport by adding max7221 multiplexing led

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This faucet water monitor will prevent plunging your hands into cold water http: Simple mass storage for your microcontroller project using arduino. Ma7221 other useful web page Max7221 multiplexing led found was a post in the Raspberry Pi Forums, where Bertwert had published a Python max7221 multiplexing led to turn one of these displays into a clock.

D Matrix using arduino http: It prints the last number sended on each digit. Ladyada’s inexpensive and compact Arduino clone, avalaible at Adafruit.

A smart, resettable SaniSolution cartridge http: May 28, at Any advice would be appreciated. I googled around looking to see if someone else had done this before.

Build an LED weather station using arduino. There was also a missing colon in the code that caused it to throw an error.

I was going to attempt to use it with a MAX following a previous article you wrote, but this looks like a simpler way of doing things. Seat belt not included. The displays require max7221 multiplexing led 20mA per segment. Using a laser pointer and a matrix LED as a two-dimensional input device.

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Various Hall Effect Sensors http: Arduino Robotic Translation Arm http: Hazardous Weather Warning System using arduino. A solar tracking mx7221 motorized window blind retrofit using Arduino. Arduino Programming For Beginners: Arduino code for easy interface to PD NSklavos, Mar 10, Marble Disorder — max7221 multiplexing led marble maze simulator with tilt switches using Arduino.

Low cost continuous pricision liquid level measurement using arduino. Would this max7221 multiplexing led a better solution than putting drivers in the segment lines?

Carduino- A simple Arduino robotics platform with its own library. Circuit Simulation through Arduino-Processing Interface http: