Make sure the memory module is seated correctly. I contacted HP 2 or 3 times since I found so many complaints on this model and there were rumors that HP was offering replacements, free repair, etc. After 10 mins, i switched off the oven, open the door and let it cool. The only light that is on is the blue ring around the Power Input jack when the the power cord is plugged in. Now you can access and replace the cooling fan if you have to. I tried various recommended solutions but nothing has worked so far. After assembly, the computer booted up but I had a black screen.

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Finally, the motherboard is removed.

How to disassemble Compaq Presario F – Inside my laptop

Because it is not reading the dvd or cd disk……. I doubt the tin foil under it helps anything, just prolongs the compaq f730us time which is not good for caps.

Her husband had ordered a replacement battery and also a power supply and compaq f730us the same problem.

I compaq f730us the power brick and even the battery with a multimeter and they seem to be working. Also compaq f730us dompaq seen used parts on ebay, is it worth buying or not? Then after the baking process apply fresh thermal compound before reassembling. The Maintenance and Service Guide c Thank for getting back to me.

This is a good blog detailing the steps in opening the laptop with good photos. Compaq f730us October 10, at 1: See PJ for the 65 watt 3.

Hewlett Packard (HP) Network Drivers Download

Just wondering if the oven method will work for my laptop. Compaq f730us of it melted onto the board, but can still be pealed off, so no major issues with it. E Emachines E Series: Please be aware compaq f730us a reflow is a repair method of last resort. Restart the laptopthe screen comes back on, solve the blackscreen problem. If cimpaq can help me greatly appreciate.

I have tried the solutions given in Microsoft website, including editing the registry, but nothing solved the problem. Any idea on what the problem is? Baking you MB really works. They want about the compaq f730us amount to replace motherboard. Compaq f730us the memory cover and memory modules and search for the sticker. I immediately copied all the data off both drives in case it was a temporary fix. ABIE February 22, at 6: Additionally I am connecting the notebook to the TV compaq f730us using a RGB cable could this cause a problem or is there another problem.

You should make this a general post somewhere out on the www. Read removal and replacement procedures chapter.

After the repair process, everything is working fine except few keys on the keyboard are not working and the battery is not charging I left the battery inside the laptop unused for more compaq f730us a year. Will it run on the battery power only? You can skip step 2 — hard drive removal and step 3 — memory compaq f730us. Thank you so very much. Thanks for posting this site.

Can you hear any weird noise coming from the hard drive when it loads Compaq f730us Do not touch the board or remove it. I did the heat gun once and two months later tried the oven bake method.