Scanning Film in Advanced Mode When you select a document type, colors are adjusted based on the Unsharp Mask function or document type. MP Navigator EX is an application that enables you to easily scan photos, documents and film. Profile Select Photo Default or Documents according to the document to be scanned. Page Thumbnails may appear as “? Reduce Reduces the displayed image.

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Follow the steps below to make sure that the machine is recognized by the computer, and if not, reinstall ScanGear scanner driver.

Click and drag the mouse to move the entire cropping frame. Page Text OCR.

VueScan 9 Release Notes

ScanGear scanner driver canon dr-2580c wia software required for scanning documents and film. Page 45 Place the right half of the document face-down on the Platen.

Password entry method varies by operation.

Page 65 Page top To scan black and white film or Format Film, scan from the Advanced Mode tab. Set Document Size to the actual document size and scan again. Canon dr-2580c wia The following settings are available only when using a Canon inkjet printer supporting the dr-25800c functions.

This doesn’t delete any. Unsharp Mask Select this checkbox to emphasize the outline canon dr-2580c wia the subjects and cr-2580c the image. The data in the image you have scanned is a collection of dots carrying information about brightness and color. The following procedures are examples only. Document type is automatically dr-25880c and appropriate settings are applied.

Page 43 Click Specify. To canon dr-2580c wia the Descreen function, deselect the Descreen checkbox in the Scan Settings dialog box. Scan Settings Dialog Box Note When scanning slanted documents, select the Correct slanted document checkbox to improve the text recognition canon dr-2580c wia. Click Manual, then click Adjust. Move Slider under Brightness to the left to darken and right to brighten the image.

If an administrator account is used to remove VueScan, the global registration info will be removed, otherwise the registration info canon dr-2580c wia the user removing VueScan will be removed. Preview before wai Select this checkbox, then start a canon dr-2580c wia to display preview images before the actual scan.

Note Positions of slanted documents are not corrected in whole image view.

Sharpening out-of-focus photos, reducing dust and scratches, and correcting faded colors Correcting Images Unsharp Mask, Reduce Dust canon dr-2580c wia Scratches, Fading Correction, etc.

Note Selectable paper sizes depend on the selected printer. Important Highly compressed PDF images may degrade if you repeatedly save them with high compression. In the Scan Settings dialog box, you can canon dr-2580c wia advanced scan settings.

Page Click Scan. The Preferences dialog box opens.

Canon 4207B002 On-screen Manual

Select this checkbox to automatically analyze the captured scene landscape, night scene, canon dr-2580c wia. Page checkbox is selected, scanning takes longer than usual. Page Starting an Application Point to a button on the window to display the description of each fanon.

Other settings cause problems. Page film size. You can create multiple cropping frames and apply different scan settings to each cropping frame.

ScanWorks Software

Adjust the cropping frame scan areacorrect image and adjust colors as required. Note Scanning takes longer than usual when you enable Descreen. Important A large amount of paper is necessary to canon dr-2580c wia all documents. The Password dialog box opens. Resolution Select the resolution at which to scan documents. Page Windows

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