In order to backup data from the laptop you can do the following. You can try removing memory modules one by one and test the laptop with only one module installed. But ram is working fine. When either one fail, the backlight stops working. I love my laptop very much.

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I had a problem which related to number one. Is the hard drive and RAM modules easily accessible? Unfortunately, there currently are no manuals for this product.

Most common hardware problems | Laptop Repair

MY question is how do I know that is all that is wrong? Try reconnecting the hard drive.

I can give u a ton more info. My issue is this. I try without battery mas still same problem…. Usually this error will result to system restart over and over again. Rosalie April 17, But ram is working fine.

D charging signal which is d light beeps. I have a hp laptop. MAcdhimz March 2, The laptop turns on sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 but has a distorted or garbled image on the screen.

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My laptop is not starting when I starting it on!!! Chat with Us Email Us. Once I reset the system date and time in the Sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 and save, windows would then start to act normal again, but after a few minutes it would resume with the same problems.

On my hp laptop,the internal keyboard works sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 the booting stage but after booting, it stops working and sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 a beep when it is clicked;it also happens likewise when i connect an external keyboard. Take a very close look on the screen. I have a computer a65 Laaptop When connecting the charger plug to work as soon as 2 seconds due closes and when I try again the same condition to Snoy 2 seconds and turns off.

Paptop will automatically shutting down after few minutes. The AC adapter cable has a short inside. You can use Ubuntu or any other disctro sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 can boot from a disc.

It took forever to reboot.

Warranty Information For information on Sony warranties. Most laptop SATA hard drives has same type of connector ad desktop hard drives. But I had a new problem….

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Or maybe a motherboard failure? Then after a few months it happened again and again. My hp pavilion sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 lap top turns on n goes off when u open it. Blow air into the fan grill on the bottom and side of the laptop.

Also the display works sometimes for not more than 10 minutes. What figures and numbers? It looks like JavaScript is disabled in your browser.

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If the problem still there, probably this is motherboard related failure. Akhidenor james March 13, I have a dell vostroits display panel is broken and i have removed the display.

Aiman Heycarl December 26,