We print thousands of colorful stock charts and word processing documents. I have had this thing in pieces and cleaned and vacuumed every nook and cranny. Still not sure if I have the tray installed properly I have it under the two cams and replaced all of the toner cartridges. Test Case for printer networkability I am kindly requesting for your assistance in this regard. Try taking the cartridge out and do the shake and roll to move the toner around. Do you know what this error means? The tech mailed me a new board!

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I had no error messages each time I tried times.

Thanks again – Anonymous. Also, where do I find a service tech for this? Thanks all for your help We just replaced the image cartridge a konica minolta 5430dl weeks ago. Drum and cartridges have been changed and the printer has been cleaned. If we pile in paper konica minolta 5430dl the maximum height, paper picks up OK. It’s been really good printing good quality photos and everything.

This is will then stop the “Drum End of Life Message”.

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Hope someone has an answer to solving konica minolta 5430dl. Hi Magnapro, many thanks for your detailed post. Can someone offer a few areas for me to investigate please?

Konica DL – Transfer Belt has bumps in it. I couldn’t find one on the Konica Minolta site.

Printer Toner Cartridges, Supplies and Parts by Konica Minolta Model

Sometimes it also fails to pick paper when only a small amount of paper in tray too, even though the tray is lifted. How do I go about that? The menu display cannot konica minolta 5430dl past konics dilemma.

The electronics flag that as a laser fault. I emptied out the bottle, but the printer still thinks its full. I have a 1 month konica minolta 5430dl warranty Konica Minolta magicolor w. I konica minolta 5430dl replaced my drum several times with no evedence that the drum itself was damaged – but the printer will not allow printing. Receiving error message “Imaging Unit Missing” on a Minolta after powering off to replace fuser and transfer unit when low life message was received on them.

I have got a minota the online light is on,data light is on and the message light is on. And the photo diode beam konica minolta 5430dl is on a small circuit board mounted on the outside of the scanner near the laser assembly. I find you can refill cartridges about 2 or 3 times before seals are dumping toner all konica minolta 5430dl inside of printers. However, I have seen in the manual, in the section about how to disassemble absolutely everything, that the toner cartridges can be rotated manually.

Konica Questions answered here

Make konica minolta 5430dl both green levers are down and you can see the envelop icons. Hello, I’m new here, but have already been impressed by the level of expertise. Did miinolta print something different, did it jam, or did it just happen? Am working on a Magicolor DL that sometimes fails to lift the paper tray up and thus says media jam. You did have fun, didn’t konica minolta 5430dl

Is the intermittion use the issue or what? Find the small konica minolta 5430dl in the lower right corner. I will try to clean the rollers, but it just seems to me that dirty rollers is not the issue. I looked and the toner is not turning.

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I removed the cartridges and vacuumed a large amount of toner from the 5430dk. I wish I could tell you what it is, but I can tell you it is not the konica minolta 5430dl. With the konica minolta 5430dl open, press a small screwdrive into the hole and depress the spring – hold this down and try rotating the toner drum by hand, towards you and downwards.

I have also cleaned the printer.