The following uses the example of [1 Staple] for stapling and [2 Holes] for punching. Page Output Format Print on Side 2 The first page of the document is copied on the back side of the front cover. Changing the Paper Size for Trays 1 to 4 The following describes how to change paper size in Trays 1 to 4. Load the document face up when the Confirmation indicator document is 2-sided, place the front side up. Displays the machine information and status, and the [Refresh] button.

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You can forcibly print this pending job without waiting for this time period to elapse. Staple 3 Copy Select [2 Pages per Side].

Replacing Consumables Hold the toner cartridge by its handle and slide it into the machine until it comes to a stop. Page 5 Tools Auto Eject Time Configure the time that the data so far received by the machine will automatically be printed since data is no longer sent to the printer. This setting can be configured only for cut sheets. No area is deleted. G3 Line 1 to 3 – Line Type Docucemtre the line type. Using The Internet Fax Service 11 Using the Internet Fax Service Internet Fax Overview Fuji xerox docucentre iv 2060 the Fax feature is available and the machine is equipped with the Internet Fax Kit optionalthe machine can transmit scanned data as an e-mail attachment using a corporate intranet or the Internet, fuji xerox docucentre iv 2060 conventional fax machines which use public phone lines.

For more information, refer to “[Page Numbers] Screen” P. Close the top cover of Finisher-A. When paper jam occurs, it may cause short-circuit and eventually a fire accident. When the Authentication feature is enabled, the relationships between users and job flows are as follows.

On Emulation target Select the machine to emulate. Specify the destination to save the file in.

DocuCentre-IV 3060/2060

Page Error Code Error Code Cause and Remedy [Cause] Finisher malfunction [Remedy] Switch off the machine power, make sure that the touch docucentee is blank, and then switch on the machine fuji xerox docucentre iv 2060. Usage Counters Displays the total number of pages used for each feature and cumulative numbers. Check the software versions.

The standard Tray 1 cannot be used fuji xerox docucentre iv 2060 the Envelope Tray is used. Register the address numbers for speed dialing xrox advance. Switch off fuji xerox docucentre iv 2060 product promptly and contact your local Fuji Xerox representative. Error Code Error Code Cause and Remedy [Cause] Finisher malfunction [Remedy] Switch off the machine power, make sure that the touch screen is blank, and then switch on the machine power. Resolution Specifying a Scanning Resolution Previewing the Scanned Images during a Scan Job You can preview the scanned images while scanning the 20060.

Appendix 12 Appendix This chapter contains a glossary of terms used in this guide.

The items displayed on the screen vary depending on the optional components installed. Value Paper size Sets the default paper size. Receiving Fui – Port Set the Port receiving buffer.


But, using this feature, you can also temporarily store print jobs and print them later by operating the machine. For more information on how to register groups dial numbers, refer to “5 Tools” This may occur when Windows Server is used.

Select fuji xerox docucentre iv 2060 range of user numbers to print. Shadow Suppression Level Set the shadow suppression level. Check that the ground fault interrupter works properly at least once a month.

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Page 5 Scan Adds a visible signature using the certificate of the machine. Print on Both The first and second pages of the document are copied on the front and back fuji xerox docucentre iv 2060 of the front cover.

After exiting stanby mode, [Remove Your Originals] screen is displayed on the touch screen. Toner is not Refer to “Loading Paper” P.

Customizing The Control Panel 1 Before Using the Machine Customizing the Control Panel You vi change the services displayed on the touch screen or the features assigned to the buttons to xerpx best use of the machine. Page Stapler Faults Grasp the handle as shown in the illustration to pull out the staple cartridge to the right, towards you. Penalties of fines or imprisonment may be imposed on those found guilty.

Page fuji xerox docucentre iv 2060 Safety Notes Locate this product on a level and sturdy surface that can withstand a weight of