It sounds like you have a problem with the LCD screen and it has to be replaced. A person from my work told me that it is a display problem but i strongly belive that it is not a disply problem I presume that something relted to setting am not sure… can some one plz guide me if am worng… Thanks in advance Koti. Could it be inverter? I have read some people come with the same problem so if you know exactly which connector is faulty i will appreciate it. I have a G60 and the screen goes white only in certain positions when opened.

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Try reconnecting the video cable first.

What if you install the original video cable back into the laptop? Well anyway thank you for your time please email me back. Rob November 9, My laptop lcd screen shows white blank screen. I have nec versa a2200 HP Pavilion dv and it works fine.

Am i safe to assume nec versa a2200 LCD panel is dead? Loose connection between cable and screen. Adam Zakaria October 2, Lancio September 23, I have a Compaq vnr and my LCD stopped working, but if I plug in an external monitor it works fine.

Can you recreate this problem on the external monitor? I tried to use it with both cables without results. However,when I move the screen nec versa a2200 certain angles It flickers back into a seeable image of the login screen before it again fades slowly to white.

Does external monitor will work even if the nec versa a2200 that connects to the LCD is broken? I have updated all drivers and the bios. Danny J, Yep, it might work as a temporary solution. I have Asus X51r i replaced Lcd with a new one.

LCD screen turned completely white | Laptop Repair

Nec versa a2200 reseating the video cable connection on the Vera screen first. I think it depends on the laptop brand and model you have. BjjDrh February 11, Yes, I replaced many video cable.

Rkill from this site: The nx models came with 15 or 14 screen and the part numbers are the same, both for nx and nc series screens. Rob February 9, Mujtaba June 18, Could be bad LCD screen or motherboard video card problem. Try reconnecting the cable. Maybe the memory nec versa a2200 is bad. Be Na February 8, Can you get nec versa a2200 on the external monitor? The issue i have with this aftrermarket screen is that the brightness functions only go to reallybnlow Or really bright.

My LCD pannel is join to 4 pin. I just nec versa a2200 the LCD screen for a customer with this issue, and the problem remains, so it looks like the screen was fine, and the motherboard is faulty. This is LCD related.

LCD screen turned completely white

Could be corrupted video driver. On some laptops you can to switch from internal to external monitor only after Windows OS booted to the desktop. Goto the nec versa a2200 program nec versa a2200 then goto desktop management and make sure that you check the detect devices manually and not auto. That isolates the problem to the monitor on the laptop—-the problem is with either a loose connection or defective Vrsa screen.

I had the same problem. Your problem could be related to: Also, because of broken hinges I can see that the wire to the LCD is cut a little, but even taping it, it displays only white screen. I have checked and resit the video cable both ends but result the same. I cannot tell without testing the laptop with another known good screen.

Verxa backlight works but I do have a screen problem. I thought it might nec versa a2200 been the cable, but perhaps it is the screen. The Toshiba Satellite A started with a white ndc now — nothing at all.