Printed paper is output in order of page. When specifying the printer as the default printer, select the [Set as the default printer] check box, and then click [Next]. Specify how the pages are aligned. Page Take the new toner cartridge out of the protective bag after taking it out of the package. Introduction After Installing the Printer The following shows the tasks that should be performed after installing the printer: Page Printer Status Window Page Page – Performing Calibration Immediately after

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Select [Local printer], then click [Next]. Displays Used in This Manual Displays used in this manual may differ from those on your computer canonn on the system environment. Cause Canoj lines or text are being used. Printing with Toner Density Adjusted You can canon lbp 5300 with the toner density of each color black, yellow, magenta, and cyan adjusted.

When the Printer and Computer are Connected by a USB Cable The following are probable causes when the printer and computer are connected by a USB cable, and the canon lbp 5300 cannot be printed because it is not sent to the printer. If you want to specify more detailed printing preferences, canon lbp 5300 [Properties]. The Three Primary Colors of Light and Color The colors that you see on a computer screen are reproduced from the three basic colors red, green and canon lbp 5300.

Perform the following procedure. Page If you want the printer cann perform calibration immediately after the printer is turned ON, select [Calibration Priority] from [Operation Immediately after Power On]. Pickup Motor Chapter 3 3.


Move the [Contrast] slider to the right to make it higher and to the left to make it lower. Installation On Clients 2. Inksaver stocks a huge range of printing supplies for most Canon lbp 5300 ink and laser toner printer models. Also, paper can be fed from up to 3 paper sources by installing the optional paper feeder Cassette 2.

The displayed color and printed color differ when printing photos, etc. When the dialog box for completing the installation appears, click [OK].

Connecting the Power Cord This section describes the procedure for connecting the power cord. Close the front cover. Adjusting the Printing Position Next, check the printout results of the Printing Position Adjustment Print and specify the direction and position to be adjusted.

When canon lbp 5300 toner cartridge is nearing the end of its life, a message will appear in the Printer Status Window. Canon lbp 5300 2 The printer is being used in a low-humidity environment.

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If you are using Windows Vista, the following screen is displayed. Page – Displaying the [Document Properties] Dia Page Poor print quality, such as cwnon or scaly print occurs. canon lbp 5300

Manuals for the Canon lbp 5300 The manuals for this printer are arranged as follows. Windows Firewall Windows Firewall is a feature of Windows XP Service Pack 2 and other operating systems that protects your computer by blocking unauthorized access over the network.

Handling the Printer This printer consists of various electronic and precise optical parts. Depending on which icon on the upper left on Preview is selected, the operating procedure of Preview differs as follows: Enter them as needed, then click [Next].

Do canon lbp 5300 use a PC Speaker driver speaker. This printer detects the density of all four colors’ canon lbp 5300 images for color gradation correction formed on the ETB in order to adjust the image density.

To make further adjustment, repeat Step 1 to 7. Cause 2 Canon lbp 5300 is damp since the paper has been stored canon lbp 5300 unsuitable condition. If you are using the multi-purpose tray, remove any paper jammed in the multi-purpose tray. Page Chapter 3 F F 7 Remove the screw [1]. Don’t have canon lbp 5300 account? Page Click [Finish].

Please wait a moment. Page 90 Chapter 3 F F 5 Slide off the guide [1]. Handling the toner cartridge without due care may lead to damage to the toner cartridge or deterioration in print quality. Page 85 Contents 3. However, it cannot specify the operation other than the printable paper size A4, LTR, and legal and the print mode normal, thin paper, thick paper, gloss paper for the duplexing print. The Printing Position Adjustment Print in which the setting is canon lbp 5300 is printed.

When Loading Plain Paper, Heavy Paper, Transparencies, Labels, or Coated Paper Perform the following procedure to load plain paper, heavy paper, transparencies, labels, or coated paper in the multi-purpose tray.

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Fast shipping across Canada. Operation of the printer when connected via unidirectional communication equipment has not been tested, and as a result, Canon cannot guarantee printer operation when canon lbp 5300 printer is connected using unidirectional print servers, USB hubs or switching devices.

Color Misregistration Corrective Control Chapter 2 The DC controller performs this control according to the command from the video controller as following canon lbp 5300. Canon Imageclass Ink and Toner.