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If not, sho uld you? She con tin ues to drill the students with language from the dialog, but these drills requ ire more than simple repetition.

Diane Larsen-Freeman Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching pdf – Google Drive

The second time languags reads the passage phrase by phrase, pausing long eno ugh to allow stu- dents to write down what they have heard. Kumaravadivelu observes that the rerm ‘ ask’ is often used with reference Q bot h content and mcrhodol- ogy of language caching. Ha nds go up, and rhc teacher calls on studems to pose question s one at a time to which the class replies.

Th e links between thought and action were very important in Heather’s teaching. Download – Karpagam University. Is par agraph writing a useful thing ro ask students to do?

Although the reacher directs the class activities, the student role is less passive than in the Grammar-Translation Method. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Map drawing The class included one exa mple of a technique used to give students downloa tening comprehension practice. We will sit in on twaching beginning level English class in Mali. With it, teachers join a commun ity of pra ctice Freeman 1 The students were given a map with the The second type of exercise asks you to make the connection between what you understand about a met hod and your own teaching situation.

These criticisms have made teaxhing stop and think. Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching. B Apply what you have understood about the Grammar-Translation Method. In addition, it has been a joy to interact with you. Heather came to sec that if she truly wa nted students to take larsen freeman techniques and principles of language teaching pdf download ini- tiative, then she would have to set up the situation prf a wa y th at her par – ticipation in an activity was not essential.

The roles arc very traditional.

Sometimes, instead of creat ing a composition, students arc asked to prepare a precis of the reading passage. A J-listory of e nglish Language Teaching. American and Canadian Committees on Modern Languages. Literar y language is superior to spoken language. On this site you will find additional resources, including author videos in which Diane Larsen-Freeman and Marti Anderson talk about the background to the book and princioles innovations in language teaching which are discussed in the third edition.

English Language Teaching

We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. You also have thoughts nbour yourself as a teac her and what you can do to help your stu dents learn. Listen to their conversation: The teacher offers an example, ‘I say, “She is going to the post office.

However with this drill, studen ts must recognize what part of speech the cue word is and where it fits into the sentence. Is answering reading comprehension questions of the type described here helpful?

It is nor just the withholding of doubt. Gett ing the whole picture’ in Bailey, K.

The teacher went the homework over. City Polytechnic of Hong Kong. We arc looking at a map of the United States.