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A souls quest for itself fulfilled! Meher baba seems downnload be arch rival of Brunton and rightly so considering his self-proclamation to be the Next Messaih.

He describes in detail the Yogis in search of secret india pdf download to spiritual growth and gives brief reviews of those focused on magic and egotism. In the s and s, Brunton occasionally stayed as a guest, for a few weeks at a time, about six months total, with the parents of controversial In search of secret india pdf download author and former psychoanalyst Jeffrey Masson. Overall this is great book to read although at many times theres lot of unnecessary details which bored me.

Some of the information jumps out at you and other you have to astute enough to see what it right in front of you. However, he finds these individuals as rare nuggets in a sea of frauds.

Nevertheless, there is a great deal of fascinating spiritual knowledge.

He also finds individuals he doesn’t know what to make of. At times Bruntons lack in search of secret india pdf download understanding of the ways of another culture made me cringe especially when it is things that I th This book had been recommended to me about thirty years ago by the father of a close friend, Mr Goss, and I had never sought it out until now.

A recommendation from a friend based on long conversations By the time he actually found the rishee, or Maharishee in this case, I was so tired of reading the book that I didn’t even realize this was the big deal of the whole story!

I’ll write about them as I read them.

There is another side to this juxtaposition of East and West. The rising moon is a thin crescent disc of silver light.

In the s, Brunton retired from publishing books and devoted himself to writing essays and notes. The book has a lot of old English words which makes it a bit difficult to read. Some were chanced encounters while others where premeditated meetings.

A search in secret Egypt

The best part I like about Brunton is the critical questions he asked various spiritual leaders in order to test whether they are actually spiritual or merely taking advantage of the people in the name of religion.

I was surprised to see that whatever issues they were discussing about this world, at that time, is even present today. During the period of his travel, Gandhi was gaining a huge following but Brunton avoided asides on the political movements except when revolutionary fervor produced violence in his vicinity.

Oct 20, Lohit Namboodiri rated it really liked it. This pages emanate such a special energy. You just clipped your first slide! In search of secret india pdf download Author has almost taken me through a time travel and made me in search of secret india pdf download for such a wonderful experience in my life too ; I discover, too, that he has not yet succumbed to the hysteria for politics which has attacked most of the young students in the towns, though India is now in the throes of the long turmoil which Gandhi has aroused into being in his effort to disturb the relations between white rulers and brown ruled.

After completing his travels, it seems the book in search of secret india pdf download set to draw to an end. He finally finds the peace and tranquility which come with self-knowledge when he meets and studies with the great sage Sri Ramana Maharishi. What was he thinking? Apr 24, Balakumar rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Be the first to like this. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Here is a very readable tour of India during the early s. The author describes the book as his adventure in self-metamorphosis. Being a British intellectual with a scientific and philosophical education, he approached Yogis with skepticism and an open mind quite unusual for the scientific indiaa.

I downnload there had been a medium step to bridge the gap. This book was on my wish list since a long in search of secret india pdf download.

Hurst asked several questions, including “What is the way to God-realization?

The yogis and gurus with which Brunton comes into contact often have trouble grasping the Western mindset there is one notable exception. Aug 09, Neelesh Marik added it. May 07, Bernie Gourley rated it really liked it Shelves: No notes for slide.

Paul Brunton – Wikipedia

A prime example of this is a Yogi who seems to be able to conjure any scent upon request. This explains how the faith of the people of India in philosophy and religion is exploited by fake Gurus. I recommend this book for those interested in development of the mind and body.

Viewing through the experiences of Brunton with Ramana Maharshee it seems he is truly a real Yogi who asks everyone to become their Guru and ask themselves ‘Whom am I. Nov 26, Naliniprasad rated it it was amazing.

A Search in Secret India

Brunton states up front that he won’t waste time with any of the blatant frauds or suspected frauds, but he does devote space to a number of the more impressive ones. The search for truth and for a suitable, in search of secret india pdf download Teacher takes Paul Brunton, a Western skeptic, to a journey of Self discovery in which he learns to distinguish betwwen simple fakirs and really Holy Men, culminating with his realisation that Ramana Maharishi is the One who deserves to be recognised as a H A marvellous book, taking us by the hand through an India which had all sorts of contradictions, but also the best and more excellent Human Beings expressing the Wisdom of Perenial Philosophy.

Must read book for any one interested in Spiritual masters of yester years. If you want to download this book, click link in the last page 5.