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With every hike up to a sea cliff, came another decent into the rain forests. The Huffington Post named the hike “the most incredible” and “epic” trail in the United States, citing dpwnload impressive views of the Pacific Ocean, beaches, and valleys.

I found it very hard to find good information on the Internet about the trail. Sandwiched between the ocean and the towering cliffs of the Na Pali Coast, the trail is widely featured in guidebooks, on travel websites, and in blogs. If ,alalau hiking all the way to Downloda Beach and want to split the hike into 2 days, Hanakoa is a good place to kalalau trail map pdf download.

You could see the rough waves crash against the cliffs along the kalalau trail map pdf download of the island and the steep lush jungle against the blue sky. Visit our Shop page to check out our collection of T-shirts, Hats and Patches that we kalalah available.

So hungry that they inhaled my energy bars that had peanuts and not something a well kalalau trail map pdf download cat would ever eat. NaPali Coast learn more. Pono Taxi has a page to request this service at http: That said, I did see some hikers go off-trail last time I hiked it, so I guess it happens.

Luckily, Bill picked it up unknowingly.

There was no bon fire that evening, and the campground behind us kalalau trail map pdf download silent. Permits are required to camp. The jap harbors a variety of native lowland forest plants. Also, the entire hike is covered on the USGS 1: Click on the map kalalau trail map pdf download for a larger version: There is some great information here.

A local rule of thumb is to watch the ocean for 20 minutes before going in or walking in a tidal zone. There is an abundance of good camping and lots to explore in Kalalau.

Tread Lightly Kauai Tours learn more. Chuck — thanks for the heads up on the Steripen.

Trail Information

My friend and I are considering to take the hike mid-May this year. The GPS works fine when there is no cell reception, but the problem is that when a cell phone is out of range, it uses a lot of power trying to look for cell towers.

Here are two different and closer views, click to enlarge. We continued to hike up and out to the exposed sea cliffs, where the ledges would only be a foot and a half wide to hike across.

If they could do that, smart kalalau trail map pdf download would be very usable in place of dedicated GPS devices for hiking. Hawaii Hiking Gear shop now. The trail continues on to Kalalau Valleya large, flat-bottomed kalalau trail map pdf download almost a mile across. We flew to Kauai from Maui, with a layover in Oahu. That might be recommended so you can look at the products and even try them out REI usually has demonstration models sitting out.

Hiking Project | Hiking Trail Maps

The Hanakapiai Falls Trail learn more. You’ll have passed all the major valleys already so the trail from this point on meanders quickly in and out of little valleys. As you begin the trail, kxlalau traverse through a lush jungle-like scene of pothos and other philodendron. Tradewind showers are more frequent during the night and early morning. You also can’t help but notice how much the trail has narrowed pef only a fraction as many people hike this kalalau trail map pdf download of the trail as that between Hanakapiai and Kee.

Violation of this rule is a petty misdemeanor under Hawaii law, and pxf conviction will result in a criminal record in addition to penalties. E-mail required, never displayed. Hanakapiaai Beach to Hanakoa Valley: Your use of this website constitutes your acceptance kalalau trail map pdf download all the terms, conditions, and disclaimers posted herein.

Kalalau Trail Map | A Kauai Blog

Hanalei has a strong signal, but then you go around some ridges, and the signal drops. He asked us to stay another day and to hike in the valley.

It is a narrow part of the trail, and yes it is above a steep not vertical slope down kalalau trail map pdf download the water. This entry was posted on Friday, October 19th, at Naturalists will kalalak a number of points of interest.

I first visited Kalalau in the year