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If the problem persists, replace the router. This information is essential to help you determine the cause of the problem:. This document helps you to troubleshoot potential hardware issues with Cisco Series Routers.

Also, gouter to Password Recovery Procedure for troubleshooting information. In a shared environment, the source of the problem is a lot harder to find. The first type is usually caused by a software problem and is reported in one or both of these ways:. If the installation of a new image fails to resolve the problem, you can swap out the memory.

A bus error can be identified through the output of the show version command provided by the router if not power-cycled or manually reloaded. This depends on the type of error that the router experiences. When the router reboots, it returns to a normal state. This is eownload you need to have a matching power supply installed on the router to support the PoE features.

Refer to Buffer Tuning for all Cisco Routers for more information about this and how to avoid it. While you copy, you are prompted to erase the old contents of Flash if any. An exception to this cisco 2800 router configuration pdf download when CRC and frame errors are found on channelized interfaces.

Cisco Integrated Services Router – Cisco

The router might experience a continuous loop that can be due to a hardware issue. In other words, the console screen hangs after a certain point.

A Series Router might experience a router hang. If the router does not experience the continuous loop after you complete these troubleshooting steps, then the problem might have routeer caused by a cisco 2800 router configuration pdf download network module.

Copy a valid image onto the Flash in order to resolve this. Verify that the baud rate is set to bps.

A system crash refers to a situation where the system has detected an routdr error and has restarted itself. This section deals with hardware-caused crashes and crashes that are software-related, but might be mistaken as hardware problems. Cisco Series Router Field Notices. If ignores only increase on one interface and cisco 2800 router configuration pdf download not followed by an increment of the ciaco buffer counter, and the interface is not heavily loaded, then this interface can be faulty.

Packet loss caused by hardware problems is fairly easy to identify. Information captured from the console of the router is essential to troubleshoot a router that does not boot. When booting, a router might cisco 2800 router configuration pdf download that a Cisco IOS software image is corrupt. Troubleshooting Modules, Cables, and Connections.

If you want to keep the same features as the version that currently runs on your router, but you do not know which feature set you use, issue the show version command from your Cisco device, roufer paste it in the Output Interpreter Tool.

Cisco 2800 Series Router Hardware Troubleshooting

All components cables, connectors, and so on have to be tested one by one. A normal state means that the router is functional, passes traffic, and you are able to gain access to the router. TAC engineers usually ask for this information to troubleshoot hardware issues.

The router fails to load cisco 2800 router configuration pdf download previously saved configuration. Refer to Troubleshooting Router Crashes for more information about this issue. This section provides examples and troubleshooting steps to determine which piece of downlowd causes the continuous cisco 2800 router configuration pdf download.

The fault that causes the errors can be anywhere between two connected interfaces: Refer to SegV Exceptions for more information about this issue. This document does not cover any software-related failures except for those that are often mistaken as hardware issues.